The Difference Between Talking and Communicating

Watching how recent business and political turbulence is presented, it never ceases to amaze that the quality of communication is so poor.  Listening to leading figures from both the political and business establishment present their cases, it becomes apparent that they are talking to — but not communicating with — the public.  A senior minister recently was transparent in how she was accessing a pre-programmed PR script.

Talking is easy – pick a few words and repeat.  There is no need for engagement with anyone else, no desire to change your own view of the world based on what someone else has to say and, apparently, no real understanding of the impact of words. Communicating is harder but it has a far longer impact.  A dialogue is after all is two way – else it would be called a monologue. It is premised on listening to what the other has to say even if this means changing what the original position or intent was.

A bit more communication might actually convince people. Talking to them only leaves the suspicion that something is not being said.

Shane Twomey