When nothing is sure, everything is possible
— Margaret Drabble

Organisation Dynamics has been successfully providing executive coaching in Dublin since 2005.

Coaching is a powerful tool for supporting personal development, with the aim of improving your personal skills and knowledge, helping you become more effective within your role and in delivering bottom-line benefit to your organisation.

Benefits Of Coaching

Apart from providing a neutral, objective opportunity to focus on the issues that coachee's face, there are many benefits to coaching: 

  • It is self-directed development, allowing the coachee to remain in charge of their development

  • It provides feedback on key strengths and development areas

  • It is solution based and not problem focused

Our Coaching Model

Organisation Dynamics provides an expert Coaching support service. We work according to the Henley Business School Coaching Model – one of the most respected colleges in the coaching arena. 

The key conditions within our coaching approach include:

  • You are always in charge

  • We are here to coach not judge

  • We listen; you talk

  • The only solution is the one that you come up with

  • The content is confidential

When is Coaching not advisable?

Coaching is not always suitable and is most likely to fail where:

  • There is neither a clear purpose nor objectives to the Coaching

  • It is imposed on the Coachee

  • Coaching is being used inappropriately to solve a performance issue

  • The Coachee’s manager is not engaged or involved in the process

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