A Framework Designed to Implement Strategy

The neglected leader is the designer of the ship
— Peter Senge

Every Organisation has a purpose and a strategy, whether they have articulated it or not. Without thought, the elements of that organisation – culture for example – will not evolve.

Successful organisations recognise that in order to achieve their purpose and strategy, they must first design the right organisation. By aligning all the elements of the organisation to the strategy, we can increase the likelihood of success.

We work with you on a deliberate process to ensure that the key elements of your strategy are extracted:

Purpose: Why are you here and is this clear to your staff?

Culture: What are the key elements of your culture that will drive success?

Capabilities: Have you identified the key organisation capabilities that will be needed to achieve the strategy?

Communication: Are you clear on how you are to make decisions and where the boundaries are between roles and departments?

Clarity: What are you trying to achieve – what does success look like for the members of your organisation