“When the winds of change blow, some people build walls, other people build windmills.”
— Anonymous

Is your Organisation going through a major transformation? Is your focus soley on surviving this transformation?

Change is a continuous process. Some of the changes that we face are small and we tend not to notice or react. Other changes are so dramatic that they affect us directly, such as an economic downturn or upheaval in your sector through a new entrant.

Major change in organisational systems can have a significant impact upon an organisation and its employees.

Research (with link) reveals that up to 70% of organisation change programmes fail. Based on this statistic alone, many organisations choose to stick with the status quo. However, as Einstein famously quoted, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome. 

Organisation Dynamics will work with you to ensure that your change programme does not become part of this failure rate by

  • Fully understanding the nature of the change intervention

  • Diagnosing the key change agents and roadblocks

  • Planning a structured change programme

  • Developing an appropriate communication and engagement process

  • Monitoring, managing and modifying the programme as appropriate

  • Conducting an extensive post-change assessment

The more systematic and rounded an organisation change programme is, the greater the likelihood of its success.

Shane set us up for success in a number of ways .. he engaged with the Site Leadership Team so that they fully understood the organisational implications (of the transition) … we immediately noticed the change in mind-set especially among the middle management team.
— Alan Mc Knight, General Manager, Cara Partners